About Chameleon

About Chameleon

Chameleon software makes websites compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs

The Chameleon software engine was originally developed to answer the limitations of responsive design in dealing effectively with different devices. Our experience was that some browser-enabled products simply couldn’t be controlled by traditional responsive techniques.

The answer behind Chameleon was to have an elegant, simple solution for separating different devices at source. This was achieved by building in device recognition and then directing each device, or group of devices, to use a specific design.

singing-ie-logoWeb developers will be all too familiar with the problem of designing sites for viewing on a PC, then having to make adjustments to have the site work effectively across the different browsers. The reason was that browsers, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, don’t interpret all the style instructions the same way.

apparently-we-all-look-the-sameUnsurprisingly, the same is true for the growing range of devices now used for surfing the internet.

The good news is that Chameleon provides an answer to this, both today and looking into the future.