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Scenario 1: Online learning is fast becoming a key application for Chameleon, with a growing need for training courses and resources to work well on iPads and other tablets as well as PC. A lot of online course have incorporated Flash within them, and as this will not work on any Apple products, training providers are needing to address this issue.

backontrack-mob-150Back on Track – Currently at the concept stage of development, this project is to take a course that is currently only available on CD, and make it accessible to its audience via the devices they choose to use. Chameleon can be used to develop an online/offline learning resource for spinal injured patients, their families, carers and friends (for PC, tablet and smartphone).


moleaccess_on_mobile-150MoleDev – This was a large collaborative project involving the development of an online/offline tool for the education sector. The aim was to enable teachers to create their own mobile learning modules, based on templates, and the tool had a built-in mobile preview system and storyboard.


kickstarttv-150KickstartTV was an interactive TV learning channel developed for the education sector, aimed at improving literacy and numeracy for adults. A variant of the service for Wetherby Secure College was also created, to engage youngsters in a range of topics using alternative teaching methods.


Scenario 2: The Education sector has a growing need to market and communicate to students and alumni via the devices of their choice. Chameleon can help, with sites that work well cross-platform, and other tools to support the process.

uh-careers-fair-ipod-150Example - A mobile poster developed to show the University of Herts how they could reach their students on their own phones in an instantly readable format. It is designed to work in conjunction with a mobile-friendly marketing website, containing full details of any information and events broadcast through the mobile posters.

Its longer term aim was to give the University an engaging way to stay in touch with students when they leave, in particular easing the issue of gathering ‘destination data’.