At a glance, Chameleon software:

  • Makes sites compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs
  • Works with a new site or converts an existing one
  • Enables site visitors to automatically receive the best view for their device
  • Automatically reflects changes to the site across all devices
  • A future-proofed solution as new devices can be added as they become popular
  • Option for a built-in ‘accessibility’ view, for extra easy viewing (user-selectable)
  • Option for online previewers to assist developers and editors check different device layout from a computer (see below)

As you’re already using a handheld device, you’ll need to visit this page from a computer to view an example previewer.

An example Android previewer showing this site:



Previewer Features

  • Allows checking and testing on well over £1,500 worth of devices without needing to have them directly available
  • Fast to load – operate at the speed of your computer offsetting instances of slow device browser loading times
  • Already connected – if you’re working on a site, you’ll probably already be online, no need to connect multiple devices
  • Instant feedback on page fit – anything too wide for the mobile page causes the horizontal scroll bar to appear

NOTE: Previewers are intended as a guide. To be 100% sure of display on a given device you should test directly. We have a number of test devices and can work with you on testing – contact us for details.


* Note: iPad previewers may need special configuration due to their unique outlook on life :-)