Responsive and beyond

To Responsive and beyond


Responsive sites deal with layouts for different screen sizes – Chameleon takes it a step further and deals with how different devices behave.

PC view on iphone
Responsive view on iphone
Chameleon view on iphone

A quick comparison between standard responsive and Chameleon

Identifying and addressing the user’s device
Responsive Chameleon
Responsive Delivers different views based on screen size Chameleon Chameleon identifies the user’s device and sends the best view
Responsive The same messages appear on all devices with the same screen size Chameleon Tailor your marketing messages to suit each visitor – eg, only tell iPhone users about your iPhone app
Responsive No real control over the size of font on different devices of the same screen size Chameleon Instantly readable – font size adjusts to suit different devices, and even allows for portrait and landscape views
Responsive The same functionality is delivered to all devices Chameleon Device-specific functionality – eg, use of Flash, horizontal scrolling gallery and tabular data

Other key features of Chameleon

  • Maximise mobile screen size by auto-hiding the URL address bar, creates a more “app-like” appearance
  • Built-in support for popular editors enables easy ‘show/hide’ of messages for specific devices or groups of devices
  • Online previewers/testers are available to see how the site works on different platforms directly from your computer browser
  • Library of code elements available to help achieve specific functionality, like show/hide menus, horizontal scrolling galleries and data tables

For more information about the development platforms Chameleon works with, click here