About our promotion

The Free line of code promotion
- your mobile-friendly starter for 10!

The code we have sent you will call in a mobile-friendly optimised style sheet which works with your site to change the layout for better display on mobiles.

The object of this code is to enable PC-only websites to maintain or improve their mobile search result rankings and PASS the Google mobile-friendly site test. You can try your site before and/or after you’ve added our code to see how it performs.

link to Google mobile-friendly tester

Our really simple terms and conditions

We’re not going to weigh you down with a load of small print, but we do need to say a few things.

This free service and the other services referred to on this site are offered by The Big Media House Ltd (Big Media). The mobile-friendly style elements in our code are applied to smaller screen devices with the specifc aim of passing the Google mobile-friendly test. We cannot guarantee that inclusion of our code will achieve a pass, but you can contact us if your site fails and we will take a no-obligation look.

Going beyond the basic free product offered in this promotion we offer a range of further services to provide customisation options specifically tailored to how your site looks on mobiles.

Each website is different, and we start our customisation services (that ) with “gecko-knight”. For less than £100, this solution is customised to optimise your homepage for mobile users. Building on from this, we offer a range of options including mobile-friendly landing pages, full Chameleon site upgrades and whole new site design and build services.

Please take care when including the script into any pages or templates on your site, as we cannot be held responsible if this is done incorrectly unless you have specifically engaged our services.

As a starter for 10, this free product will be made available to any subscribers for not less than 90 days from the date of their application to receive the code. It is not our intention to leave any site long-term with a technically correct piece of code that passes the Google test, but which does not deliver a good user experience in practice. All subscribers to the free service will be encouraged to take a look at options for truly adapting their site to offer a good mobile user experience, but will not be obliged to take up any services offered by Big Media.

E & O E March 2015