Development Platforms

Chameleon software is a highly flexible tool that relies predominantly on CSS stylesheets and simple JavaScript code to run.

We are working with developers and on projects that cover many of the major platforms used today for web building.  As long as good practice is used in keeping form and function separate (ie use of css rather than embedded styles) there should be no major obstacle to integrating Chameleon into your project.

pagebuild-logo The first target for Chameleon was to support “pagebuild” websites – sites where tools from Notepad to Adobe Dreamweaver are used to create physical html pages which are uploaded to a server.

wordpress-logo With the formidable growth in popularity of the WordPress platform, we have focused on creating a number of tools to be able to offer “Chameleon for WordPress”. These include methods for integrating Chameleon with both standard and responsive WordPress themes, plus creating WordPress themes of our own.

joomla-logo Work has commenced on integration solutions to support sites using Joomla. The Test platform is being put in place during Autumn 2013, but in the meantime contact us if you have a Joomla requirement

drupal-logo Plans are being put in place to create specific tools for integrating Chameleon with Drupal. In the meantime contact us if you have a Drupal requirement