Chameleon WordPress Themes

Big Media have also developed their own Chameleon themes extending on from WordPress’s own TwentyTwelve default theme, and these are being increasingly used in WordPress web project builds.

At this time we have two main themes we can offer, which can be customised to your own design requirements through the use of child themes.

Chameleon Ready One screenshotChameleon Ready One is a full-width design layout that gives a modern, spacious feeling to the site, whilst managing the content in a constrained, centralised layout. Chameleon One is the start point behind most of the Big Media and associate partner WordPress Chameleon developments to-date.

Chameleon One features a banner area that can be activated as required for adding slideshow images to a page, and also incorporates the Chameleon “show/hide” menu function design for mobiles and smaller screens.


Chameleon Ready Two screenshotChameleon Ready Two is more reminiscent of the original TwentyTwelve design, incorporating a defined content area set on a stylised background.

Background images and colours can be changed to suit your design requirements, and like Chameleon One, this theme has a banner area that can be configured to show slideshows, as well as the show/hide menu option for mobiles and smaller screens.